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Results for Round 5 Handicap 2016
Now available on the results page.

Results for Round 4 Handicap 2016
Now available on the results page.

Results for Round 3 Handicap 2016
Now available on results page.

Results for Round 2 Handicap 2016
Now available on results page

Results for Round 1 Handicap 2016
Now available on results page.

Results for Round the Island 2016
Now available on the results page. 

Results for Albert Park Grand Prix 2016
Are available on the results page.

Results for Head of the Yarra
are available on the Results page

1936 10 Mile Marathon
An interesting paper clipping has been added to the History page.

Handicappers Utilise Spies!
The VSA handicappers will go to any lengths to obtain inside information. Check out the Gallery for photographic evidence of their thorough approach.

Results from 2002 to 2007
Prior year results from 2002 have been posted on the Results page. Each year has one file with several events. Records for some events are missing.



Welcome to the Winter Sculling Website, where you will find event information, draws and results.

Make sure you check the website for draws and results during the series.

Guidance to competitors in the Handicap Series is available here

Updated event information for 2016 is available by clicking  here

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If you have any questions, or would like to confirm or scratch an entry, email us at

Culture, Rules and Protests

The VSA Committee  offers the following guidance to competitors:

1) The VSA is a 100 year old organisation run by volunteers with the aim of perpetuating the series of 11 events for the enjoyment of scullers with the side benefit that some scullers may gain skills and fitness.

2) The handicap series exists in order that scullers who are slow have the fun of being chased, and seeing if they can make it to the finish ahead, and that scullers who are fast have the fun of seeing how many they can chase down. The handicaps are based on the handicappers' subjective expectations of speed. While there is an attempt to ensure close racing in every heat, the handicaps are not objectively derived. This adds an element of fun for some in 'beating the handicapper', often enough to get ahead on the points table.

3) The series has the support of a community of people who enjoy its informal atmosphere which, while lacking formal rules, carries an expectation that competition will be conducted within a culture of courtesy, inclusiveness and sporting spirit, without the 'win at all costs' behaviour present in modern 'sport'.   This group does not expect competitors to protest technicalities, and so the VSA accepts entries on the basis that protests will:
a) be accompanied by a $200 non refundable cash donation to the association and 
b) be dealt with at a time and in such manner as the Committee deems appropriate, without recourse or appeal.